Who is Tim Hoerrner


Tim Hoerrner has been working in customer-centric marketing for more than 15 years with companies such as L.L. Bean, Pottery Barn Kids, Road Runner Sports and Circuit City. He has helped launch and grow a number of new brands. He has managed offline, online and database marketing functions and brings a set of experiences that allow him to develop and implement innovative strategic plans. The hallmark of his experience has been driving continuous improvement in marketing efficiency through better analysis, better information and better customer communication strategies.

What does “Carmot” mean?

Carmot was the legendary material that alchemists used to turn lead into gold. It’s a strange word, but you won’t forget who we are now, will you?


“Tim was Director Direct Marketing under my leadership at Circuit City. Tim has excellent direct marketing skills and a very strong applied analytics background. When Tim made the decision to move out of corporate to start a consultancy practice, I valued his work so highly that I asked him to stay on and bridged his move to private practice. Tim has integrity, is a team player and was a pleasure to work with. It would be a honor to work with him again in the future. I highly recommend Tim as a senior level direct marketing employee or consultant.”

Janie Smith, Vice President Multichannel Marketing, Circuit City

“I’ve worked with Tim for 3 years. Tim is very intelligent and extremely passionate about direct marketing. He brings a wealth of knowledge and has incredible credentials to back it up. Whenever I needed someone to challenge my thought process or my methodology, I went to Tim. He asks very detailed questions that inspire me to think outside the box and add additional value to my end product. I believe that I am a better analyst because of the interactions I have had with Tim.”

Seung Park, Sr. Manager Strategy and Customer Analytics, Circuit City